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  • Esperanza mía

    Written by

    Lily Ann Martin
    Claudio Lacelli

    Directed by

    Sebastián Pivotto
    Lucas Gil

    Theme music composer

    Lali Espósito

    Opening theme

    '"Esperanza mía"

    Country of origin


    Original run

    April 6, 2015 (2015-04-06) – January 14, 2016 (2016-01-14)

    Esperanza Mía (Spanish: Hope of Mine) is a 2015 Argentine telenovela, starred by Mariano Martínez and Lali Espósito.


    Julia Albarracín (Lali Espósito) is a girl from La Merced, a small town. Her adoptive mother, Blanca, used to work in a factory. She was contaminated in her job and dies some time later . Before dying, she gives Julia the proof of the contamination that killed her. The factory owner knew about this, and started to hunt her so she could not give the proof to the police. Desperately needing to get away, she boarded a random bus that was going to Buenos Aires. She sought the help of her mom's old friend in Buenos Aires, Concepción(Ana Maria Picchio), who had become a nun and is also Santa Rosa Convent's superior nun . To give her cover, she gave Julia a nun's vestments, and introduced her to the other nuns as a novice. She also uses an alias, Sister Esperanza. She meets the priest Tomás(Mariano Martinez), and becomes friends with him; eventually, she will fall in love with him but she knows that her love is impossible. Tomás also develops feelings for her. Both of them are unaware that Tomás and his brother lead the business that is hunting her.


    The production was halted on April 18 2015, because of a labor strike of all Argentine actors, decided by the Asociación Argentina de Actores. Producer Adrián Suar criticized it, as the program had an expensive location shooting prepared for that day.[1]

    The telenovela will have cameos of other actors. Valeria Lynch played a "rocker" nun, who became friend with Esperanza.[2]Jimena Barón, Esperanza's cousin and best advisor, who composes commercial jingles.[3] She joined the cast during a controversial break up with soccer player Daniel Osvaldo.[4] She was planning by then to move to Europe, but eventually gave up those plans and stayed in Argentina. As a result, she asked to join the cast again.[5]


    As Lali Esposito has a big fanbase, the program was presented with a show in La Plata. It included a show by Luciano Pereyra, the author of a production theme. The show soon became a trending topic on Twitter.[6]

    El Trece had good ratings in the prime time in 2015, thanks to the Turkish telenovela Binbir Gece (translated in Argentina as "Las mil y una noches"). Esperanza mía kept important ratings as well.[7]

    Federico Kunz, a priest from the San Luis province, started an online petition asking for the removal of the program. He considers that the story of a romantic love between a priest and a fake nun is insulting for religious people. As the main characters would eventually kiss at some point, he considers that it would be insulting to clerical celibacy as well. The petition started on March 9, and have more than 5,000 supporters.[8] The TV channel El Trece is not concerned about the petition, and kept producing new episodes.[3]

    Other media

    Mariano Martínez reported in a radio interview that there are projects to make a theater adaption of the telenovela, during the 2015 winter season.[9]

    The actresses of the telenovela appeared in the first program of Showmatch in 2015, characterized as the monks, and made a musical show. They made similar musicals in the program afterwards.[10]



    Esperanza mía (Banda Original de Sonido)


    May 21, 2015 (2015-05-21)

    The soundtrack was composed by Eduardo Frigerio. Lali Espósito sings nine of the eleven songs of the album, the other two songs are sung by Ángela Torres and Carlos Rivera. The album was released for on May 21, 2015. Previously, "Tengo Esperanza" was released as a single on April 6, 2015 (which peaked atop on the Radio Disney Argentina Top 47 chart)[11] and also, a music video for "Necesito".

    One month after the releasing, the soundtrack was certified gold by the Cámara Argentina de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas (CAPIF) and also peaked at number 1 in Argentina and Uruguay. A few months later, the album got a platinum certiciation by CAPIF.[12]

    Track listing

    1."Tengo Esperanza"  
    • Eduardo Frigerio
    • Paul Schwartz
    • Federico San Millán
    • María Florencia Ciarlo
    Lali Espósito3:12
    2."Cómo Haremos"  Lali Espósito3:01
    3."Júrame"  Lali Espósito3:01
    • Schwartz
    • Fernando López
    • Fedeico Montero
    Lali Espósito2:42
    5."El Ritmo del Momento"  Lali Espósito3:29
    6."Necesito"  Lali Espósito2:59
    7."Hacia Adelante"  
    • Frigerio
    • Shwartz
    • San Millán
    • Ciarlo
    Ángela Torres3:24
    8."Lo Juro por Dios"  
    • Schwartz
    • San Millán
    • Frigerio
    Carlos Rivera4:04
    9."Siempre Brilla el Sol"  Lali Espósito2:16
    10."Me Muero por Vos"  Lali Espósito2:56
    11."Esperanza Mía"  
    • Espósito
    • Akselrad
    • Burgio
    • Novello
    • Schwartz
    Lali Espósito3:42
    • Songwriting credits extracted from SADAIC official website.[14]

    Charts performance


    Release history


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